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Introduction to Sonic Design

What We Offer

We've designed elegant systems of sounds for some of the largest brands in the world. Let's explore how sound could transform your experience.

Sonic Design Consulting

Sonic Design Consulting

Explore how Sonic Design could transform your experience.

Original Sound Creation

Original Sound Creation

Delivering world class systems of sounds unique to you.

Implementation Support

Implementation Support

Ensuring the correct use of sounds across touchpoints.

Sonic Design Consulting

Sonic Design Consulting

Most of us can talk about visual design, but unless you have a musical background, sonic design can seem like a foreign language. We've presented to brands like NASA JPL on the power of great sonic design principles to make their experiences amazing.

  • Consulting and Planning

  • Sonic Design Workshops

  • Creative Concepts

Original Sound Creation

Original Sound Creation

We've designed systems of sounds for some of the largest brands in the world like AT&T. Let's work together to develop unique, custom sounds to set your experience apart.

  • User Interface Sounds

  • Product Sounds

  • Ambiences for Spaces

Implementation Support

Implementation Support

Make sure your audio sounds good in every scenario. We work with your teams to deliver the right spec for every touchpoint. We've successfully implemented sounds in everything from tiny remote speakers, to robotic vacuums, to large and immersive welcome experiences.

  • Technical Team Integration

  • Audio Mastering

  • Multiformat Delivery


Netflix After School Sonic Logo

Created in Partnership with Netflix Music Lab

American Express Payment Sound

Created in Partnership with Made Music Studio

Southwest Airlines Sonic Logo

Co-Created with Danni Venne


"Brian expertly leverages iconic sounds that are meaningful and strategic."

Bill Schiffmiller
CEO at Akoio Enterprises, inc

"What I appreciate most is how he combines profound creativity with technological expertise."

Kevin Perlmutter
Brand Strategist

"Probably some of the best public educational UX sound content I've seen."

Harrison Zafrin
UX Sound Designer

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Brian Scherman


Brian Scherman is the founder of Iconic Sonic Design. He has a decade of experience designing elegant systems of sounds for Netflix, AT&T, Virgin Hyperloop, Walmart, American Express, and many others.He has presented sonic design workshops to help educate brands like NASA JPL, Swisscom, Ticketmaster, BMW Designworks, and Johnson & Johnson on the power of great sonic design.

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